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From: "Alan"

To: "Coot"

CC: "Bob"

Subject: Re: Questions for Management

Dear Coot,

First, I want to thank you for your prompt reaction. I highly appreciate your attitude to the company and your anxiety about the department productivity. As a veteran employee you know the Company, its particular qualities and corporative rules like no other. You have already made a great contribution to the Company's development. And the Company is very interested in your further professional growth.

I would like just to remind you that the main principles of our department are total cooperation and mutual help. This is the basis point from which other principles outgo. As a lead supervisor in the manufacturing department, I bear the whole responsibility for the work of the department and surely for the customers. I must take into account all the possibilities of the Company and the department particularly. It is no secret that there are some customers' gradations and if it is a major client I must take part in the department work personally.

All the employees of our Company are equal in their rights and responsibilities. The Company is interested in long-term employees, taking in mind their professional growth, well-timed and actual encouragement, and individual capabilities.

Concerning the incident with the last very important order, we should review it maximum objectively. First, we must consider the Company's policy concerning the newcomers (as Bob is in this particular case). The Company strives to move the newcomers (in this exact case group supervisors) base to make decisions self-sufficiently in order they could feel the real responsibility and, as you correctly noted, this gives them experience and develops their abilities.

However, any exclusion may occur. That was exactly an alike case. The department staff should always remember about the principles of the teamwork: honesty, respect, integrity, and subordination. If we have several different ways to solve a problem, we must contemplate them all thoroughly and objectively. Then, taking into account the subordination rule, the group supervisor must furnish all the information about the group decision to the lead supervisor to make the final confirmation. Consequently, both of you made mistakes, not taking into account common rules of the teamwork. On the one hand, Bob ignored your proposition, not taking into consideration your experience, and did not report me about it. On the other hand, in spite of the subordination, you switched the group over without Bob's consent. All the above considered, you and Bob placed in jeopardy the mutual understanding in the group. That is why I have to make a verbal warning to you and Bob and ask to review the incident.

The only goal of the Company is success in its business, so everything and everyone, who can improve or optimize the Company's activity, is the most value for it. Neither your invaluable experience nor your active involvement in the teamwork cannot influence Bob's personal development. I even think you could be Bob's right hand, what would be useful for both of you.

The main purpose of this letter is to find the golden mean in the group relations basing on the fundamental principles of honesty, respect, responsibility, trust, and integrity. We have a standard subordination vertical line. Our task is to build adequate relations, saving relevant hierarchy of the company. As a result it should appear a work well-being with abidance by the above-mentioned ethic principles and corporative rules. Everyone should be clear about the principles of the teamwork as the basis of our common goal - the prosperity of the undertaking. Only mutual respect and cooperation can bring us the uppermost result.


Alan, Lead Supervisor

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