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During the summer holiday, I and my younger brother booked lodging for 2 days off the Brazilian coast. This part was easy since everything from making reservations and booking are done using the online platform, since most facilities in the hospitality industry have embraced e-commerce. We were emotionally and psychologically prepared for the holiday experience since booking lodging was the most stressful task that was on our hands. Upon getting to the lodging facility, we got the shock of our lives.

The staffs and the hotel manager were very rude to us. The check out was not communicated to us by the travel agent.  According to the hotel guidelines, the check out time was supposed to be at 12 noon. To further compound this problem, the hotel staff did not communicate to us on the check out time. On the second day, that is when we got to know the reality. At around 2.30 pm the hotel manager called us and demanded that we had to pay for the 3rd day since we did not check out on time. This forced us to hurriedly pack our belongings to get out of the facility. The bus was not ready, and we were told that it would only arrive 5 hours later.

This prompted us to call the travel agent complaining of the mistreatment at the hands of the staff at the facilities. Then after a lengthy discussion with the manager, the travel agent managed to secure us a reprieve and we were allowed back to the facility till the time our bus arrived. To further add to our misery, we did not get the value for money we deserved. The information that we got from the travel agent was contrary to what we found out, because there were no such services. The rooms were not cleaned during our two days stay. There was still no Wi-Fi services in the rooms, although we had earlier on being assured of their availability.

Our approach to have us allowed back to the facility was bound by positive self-concept. We stood up for our rights since we had parted with our hard-earned money, yet we were not accorded services that reflected the cost. Our mode of conflict resolution was pegged on collaboration and compromise. We decided to take this move because if we crumbled under pressure from the management, there was no guarantee that we would be given our rights and privileges as customers.

3 months ago I decided to go to the sea. I have reserved the living room in the hotel and prepared to the trip to the beach. When I arrived reception told me that the room is already occupied. I asked to call the administrator to solve this problem, but administrator after the debates and argues decided to give the keys of the room. And I was settled in the wrong room. And I ordered 5 stars room but has been settled in the 3 stars. So I was totally disappointed and my trip has been ruined. Thanks to the misconducts in the administration. 

The information in the chapter clearly describes the steps that should be followed in conflicts resolution. The manager as the service provider can benefit immensely in a bid to retain customers at the lodging facilities. His aggressive approach can send off most customers and further dent the image of the facilities. On our part, the chapter has in-depth knowledge that can help us get out of conflict situations in the hospitality industry. The entire chapter can develop a win-win situation for me us the customer and my service provider.

As the educated customer of the service I should keep in mind confirming and telling the administration of my wish to live in their hotel. I have to call them and tell that I reserved 5 stars hotel so I will live in it, confirm my book, please. It is my responsibility to let administration know of my plans. They also have things to do and in some ways staff of the hotel can forget or misunderstand the wish of the customer. There is one solution of this problem: to be attentive and persistent in wishes. It touches upon both the customer of the service and the provider of the service. Provider of services is interested in new customers, so the job should be done good, serious without redundant emotions and negative. If we speak about the tourism business people should feel calm and rest. Providers should be impartial and helpful. Provider must throw away his personal problems, personal hostility and nervousness. The problems that can occur can frighten off the potential customer and in the result provider would lose the money. 


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