Policy Formation

A rapid development of information technologies influences every area and aspect of our life. Information is the most valuable resource today. Quick access to the appropriate information is vital in several areas, including medical care.


Oil and Politics Project Summary

In this article, the issues which results to the misunderstanding between the relationship existing between the US and Saudi Arabia are well indicated.


Researching Politics and International Relations

In their work, both authors have differently explained international relations from different aspects. While Krasner is more formal in his article, Enloe has a more casual approach to his style and elucidation of the topic details.


Islamophobia as the Mirror of Religious, Ethnic, and Racial Discrimination

Very often, mainstream cultures are exposed to racial or ethnic discrimination, which, in turn, results in the succession of phobias. There is true assumption that a particular issue arising from the clash between the American and Muslim civilizations may support the above-mentioned suggestion. Recently, the concept of Islamophobia has acquired the status of a burning issue in the American minds.


How and Why Oil Prices Change

It is the undoubted truth that various factors affect the international business. Such factors may include from the policies of the countries to the economic factors around the globe. The international business may suffer or grow depending on the product line that a businessperson deals with and the events in the international market.


The Network Ceasefire

Anxiety of the Jewish people with respect to returning to the Holy Land entailed cutting diplomatic relations with the Soviets and rising Iran as one of the main aggressors in the region due to the Sunni-Shia divide. To survive, Israel decides to behave aggressively to each state in the region due to low likelihood of resolving religious issues.

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