Policy Formation

A rapid development of information technologies influences every area and aspect of our life. Information is the most valuable resource today. Quick access to the appropriate information is vital in several areas, including medical care.


Oil and Politics Project Summary

In this article, the issues which results to the misunderstanding between the relationship existing between the US and Saudi Arabia are well indicated.


How and Why Oil Prices Change

It is the undoubted truth that various factors affect the international business. Such factors may include from the policies of the countries to the economic factors around the globe. The international business may suffer or grow depending on the product line that a businessperson deals with and the events in the international market.


The Process of Iran Joining the World Trade Organization

The process of Iran joining the World Trade Organization is very complicated and controversial. On 19 of July 1996, Iran submitted the official application to join the World Trade Organization. The problem is that Iran’s decision to become the part of this global organization is 20 years old. It is one of the longest cases in the history of the World Trade Organization.


Nuclear Weapons History

A substantial number of world leaders declare that nuclear weapons exist to be a vital shield for various countries. Nuclear weapons are believed to be deterrents, which prevent the world from inciting a war. Researchers are supporting this assumption by claiming that nuclear weapons contribute towards maintaining a peace.


Energy Security

Energy security is a complex issue, which directly influences the national politics and economic conditions of the state. Moreover, to a great extent, it establishes and defines the international relations, peculiarities of trading, security mechanisms, and environmental attitudes of the country, on the global level. Currently, the U.S.. has several opportunities, which could increase its energy security and eliminate the energy deficit, emerging in the recent years.

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