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What are social movement and how do they take shape

Social movement refers a group of conscious individuals who concentrates their might with the intention of altering some aspects of the society through the use of other means rather than through the available institutions. Social movements are characterized by their prolonged nature whereby they survive for a while before the come to the conclusion mostly after achieving their desired goal or after the realization that the goal is not achievable. The composition of social movement is mainly the ordinary citizens the main outcome of social movement is political change but in some instance so as to attain the change it may result to related political conflict. In this essay the process through which social movement are borne.

The many factors that result to the formation of these social movement include political factors, economic conditions, the working environment, demographic dynamics as well as cultural factors. From these factors individuals who have similar view tend to come together with the intention of creating change in the existing systems. Due to the sharing of common sentiments, these people come together, mobilize resources so as to be in a position to drive their campaigns and a social movement becomes operational.

What are revolution from a sociology perspective, differentiate between social and political revolutionary

From the sociological perspective, revolutions refer to the change of government or political regime resulting from social movements or massive protest. Revolution can be broadly categorized into the social revolution and Political revolution. Political revolution refers to a form of revolution that involves forceful removal of political personals from power through the use of military or other means. On the other hand social revolution as a form of revolution that is mainly focused on the change of societal, economic institution and class structure.

What kinds of social and political environments facilitate revolutionary movements?

There are various factors that contributes to the revolutionary movement. This environment can be broadly classified into political environment and social environment. A social environment which facilitates the development of revolutionary movement is dissolution resulting from the high rate of unemployment. Political environment that encourages the development of revolution movement politically the division of and institutional collapse resulting from a popular movement from below. The upper finds it hard to exist thus resulting to instability.

Why are social movements important in understanding power, social structure and human agency?

A social movement is important in the examining and understanding the protestor’s point of view. Consequently, this provides a good mechanism of understanding the diversity in the population. Understanding the diversity in the population is important because it assists in the formulation of policies that will be acceptable by the diverse population. On power, social movement prevents the abuse of power by those in authority. On the social structure, revolution is associated to the change that will positively benefit the members of the society as a whole. To the human agency, revolution makes it possible for people to have what they desire in life thus making life more comfortable thus increasing their productivity that in turn increases the standard of living which is very important for economic growth. The social movement also creates a sense of belonging to the people who are members of the social movement. The social movements also create awareness to the citizens regarding their rights and liberty hence, they will not allow them to be violated.

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