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To: Rob Lange

Date: March 26, 2014

Re: Rescuing Unemployment in America

Unemployment is one of the contemporary issues of concern from government all over the world. The rate of unemployment is directly linked with countries economic power, level of crime, and poverty rates in a country. America faces this problem and there are ample debates raised on how to reduce the rate of unemployment in America. One such option is offered by Friedman in his article “Start-Ups, Not Bailouts”.

Role of New Companies

Friedman argues that statistically, increase in rates of employment opportunities in America between 1998 and 2002 was highly due to the emergence of new companies and investments. These investments offered over 40 million opportunities in job creation. Therefore, Americas need to find ways of coming up with news companies to solve the issue of unemployment. This calls for improvement in the field of education as well as promoting room for immigrants’ innovation in America.

Immigrants Input

Evidently, American economy derives its power from the increased levels of immigrants in the country and enhanced American democracy. Approximately 25 percent of the American big companies were founded by immigrants solely of in collaboration. Such companies include Google and Sun Microsystems. Most of these immigrants left their countries with the aim of finding better places to develop their ideas. The American high education systems offer opportunities to international students to pursue their studies in America. These students are selected of meritocracy criterion; thus, constitute the world best students with high intelligence Quotient (IQ). These are the people who have great creativity and innovations ideas; hence should be tapped for the betterment of America. Their level of risk taking – travelling to America for better chances and living their countries – illustrate the entrepreneurial risk taking minded skill that is imperative for new investment. Therefore, the role of immigrants in American development cannot be overlooked.


In conclusion, solving unemployment and improving economic and development levels in America will rely on new investments. Chances of having new investments in America is dependent on the number of immigrants and the space American society offer these immigrants in respect to exercising their productive and intelligent minds on creativity and innovations. Americans have no option other than welcome to immigrants and promote innovative ideas in colleges.

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