Rescuing Unemployment in America

Unemployment is one of the contemporary issues of concern from government all over the world. The rate of unemployment is directly linked with countries economic power, level of crime, and poverty rates in a country. America faces this problem and there are ample debates raised on how to reduce the rate of unemployment in America. One such option is offered by Friedman in his article “Start-Ups, Not Bailouts”.


U.S. Trade Talks with the European Union

There have never been successful trade talks between the U.S. and the European Union (E.U). Economic commentators consider the upcoming U.S.-E.U. trade talks to be the most complex and ambitious trade talks around the world. European governments in the 27 nations are backing the planned trade talks because of the understanding of the benefits that would accrue to both the U.S. and the European Union as a block.


Panda Express

Due the ongoing extensive customer feedback on our products, we at Panda Express our continuous commitment to serving the public with healthy food. The trust the customers have had in us for a long time makes us the wide distributed Chinese food chains in the country. We offer variety of foods ranging from the popular orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, Beijing beef and Kung Pao chicken.


Coke Case Brief

Coca-Cola Corporation was experiencing declining growth, which made its performance unacceptable in 2004. Additionally, the performance was poor compared to its main competitors, a situation that necessitated growth strategies’ considerations.


Marketing Problem

Keurig incorporated was founded in 1990 with the vision of revolutionizing the coffee industry by providing convenient, easy, and delicious means to enjoy a cup of coffee. In 2004, Keurig products were hit by stiff competition and the management has to make marketing strategy decisions to outdo the competitors.

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