Was the participation democratic?

TO: Dr. Petterson FROM: Faisal Alsaif DATE: November 23, 2015 SUBJECT: Was the participation democratic? Now, we are at the end of the semester of the Democratic Values and Public Administration (PAD 6042) class. With this personnel portfolio, I have attached a cover memo, participation rubric, four worksheets and the printed copies of four essays with your feedback rubrics.


Water Conservation

Water is life and a necessity for human survival. As such, it calls for prevention from pollutants and contaminants. There are several ways than human beings use the water. These include activities such as firming through irrigation, as recreational facility, domestic use and industrial use.These water usage in a number of ways turns out to result in larger quantities of water being wasted or being used beyond the required amount.


Social movement

Social movement refers a group of conscious individuals who concentrates their might with the intention of altering some aspects of the society through the use of other means rather than through the available institutions. Social movements are characterized by their prolonged nature whereby they survive for a while before the come to the conclusion mostly after achieving their desired goal or after the realization that the goal is not achievable.


Opening a Chinese-Style hot-pot Restaurant in Tampa

The purpose of this Memo is to outline the market analysis and market strategy of a Chinese-style hot-pot restaurant called Dwank, in Tampa city. The city has a growing population of Chinese, thus opening a restaurant that targets this population is a good idea for a profitable venture. In other areas, Chinese hot-pot restaurant, for instance, the Mongolion hot-pot has been doing well in business.


General Motors

General Motors employee relations policies are commendable and better compared to those of competitors. Over the years, the company has reviewed its employment policies to ensure minorities and disadvantaged groups have equal chances.



Taxation is part of public finance that deals with the means by which the government raises revenue from public by imposing taxes by means of collecting money which is later used to provide public goods and the services to its citizens. Various government projects are funded through public revenue, which is collected through local government.

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