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Today advertising is everywhere; we are exposed to it nearly every single moment of our lives. The tunes we hum, the catchphrases we often use without realizing where they come from. The printed ads are one of the most powerful means of advertising. They don't go away in the split second if done correctly, they draw you in and keep you looking it them for a while. And every additional second you spend looking at it, the stronger impression it makes on you. Commercial advertising most of the time is amazing as there are a lot of money and brilliant people invested in it. People who create social advertising normally have much less financing and resources, but often times those advertisings come out to be even more brilliant. Unfortunately, in both cases, it happens that people get carried away and the advertising has completely opposite effect on the target audience.

The first example of advertising I would like to talk about, I find equally brilliant and simple. Australian postal office advertising of postal services thought the plain and surprising methods. The picture displays a woman receiving a hug from the human figure covered in the text of the letter. That letter man is a humanized image of the letter, it embraces the woman. On her face, we can see incredibly happy and pleasant expression. The slogan of the advertising is "If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter". Through this advertising, authors are trying to convey the message that sending the letter is a next best thing to giving a hug. In the modern day and age of technological advances, any physical sign of attention for example such as hand written letter brings a lot of warmth and comfort to the recipient. This advertising is clearly aiming for the third category of Maslow's hierarchy, the need to belong. It advertises physical display of love and affection at the distance.

The next advertisement, even thought to my opinion it carries the great and quite strong message, the means that are used to do so I find quite shocking and a little bit overboard. Image advertises the Polish website that is aimed at providing informative help to the parents. It gives tips and ideas on how to establish and maintain healthy family and relationships with children. The image displays the amazing level of creativity and has very striking imagery that personally for me is too strong. The poster pictures a child that looks like made from porcelain and very closely resembles porcelain doll. And what happens when one is too rough with a porcelain doll? Right, they break extremely easily. And exactly the same thing happens to children, as they are very delicate creatures. This simple truth, many forget about, is vividly displayed through the broken extremities of the child that on the picture are in porcelain chards. "You can lose more than your patience" is the message authors are trying to get across. The crying child that is visibly hurt is definitely aimed at the second category of the Maslow's hierarchy, the need for safety and security. The child's physical security is definitely compromised, and it is our natural instinct to protect our young. Advertising tells us that by losing control over your emotions you can hurt or even lose your child. The message is great, however, the imagery is very shocking. It can cause more psychological damage than good and for the reason that the image might be found too hard to look at the people might turn away without absorbing the message.

To conclude I would like to say that advertising has gone to the great length and now more than ever it is closely intertwined with the psychological studies. However, sometimes to get the message across advertising agencies go a little too far.

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