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Our company will be called Innovative App. It will be specialized in designing different apps for iPhones that will provide their users with various functions and abilities. Most applications will be unusual and innovative, and they will be unique in the market and have no competitors. To develop such applications, Innovative App will hire app developers who have innovative ideas or purchase business ideas from other companies or individuals.

In the future, the company will produce numerous apps for different purposes. However, to start a business successfully, it is necessary to focus first on one usual and innovative app that will have no competitors and will be attractive to customers. Thus, an application called Apparel Match was chosen. It is an iPhone app that enables users to match clothes that they already have and clothes that are available for purchase in shops in Switzerland. The app will be free, and people over 15 years old will be allowed to subscribe. We will generate money by advertising our application to shops and persuading them to register in our app and offer their clothes for choice. The shops will pay a fixed monthly amount to us to present their clothes to potential customers. Furthermore, clients will download the application because it is free, and shops will be willing to register and pay for using Apparel Match because they will potentially have more customers who will come and buy apparel selected by the app in a particular shop.

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Our app will potentially be successful because it has no competitors in the market. Moreover, Apparel Match will address and resolve different “pains” and problems of both stores and buyers. The problems of shops will include the problems of the lack of clients and unsold clothing items. Potentially, with our app, shops will attract more customers among those who found matching clothes in a particular shop and visited it.

The main problems of clothes buyers that will be addressed include issues with selecting clothes that will be the best match for the existing clothes the customers already have. Very often, clients cannot select matching clothes because they do not have good taste and do not know current fashion trends. Thus, Apparel Match will help them to select clothes that will match the ones they already have or the ones they plan to buy. The app will also be useful for those who have a tight working schedule and cannot visit many shops to select only several clothes that fit them best. Finally, Apparel Match will be useful for those who visit Switzerland as tourists. Usually, tourists do not have much knowledge about local shops and do not have time to visit all stores. Thus, our application will assist them in selecting matching clothes quickly in an unknown city. Apparel Match will also be helpful for tourists who come to Switzerland to ski. Not all visitors are professionals; therefore, they do not always know what skiing suits and accessories to buy. Thus, such tourists will benefit from our app because it will recommend them suitable outfits and places where they can buy them based on the weather, budget, and professionalism of the consumer.

It is necessary to study Apparel Match in detail to understand how it works. To develop this app efficiently, it is possible to set several strategic partnerships either with companies that have reasonable experience in developing apps or with individual app developers. The names of companies and individual partners are not known yet. Our app is based on the technology of databases. Customers choose clothing items by selecting from several options that fit them best. The application will provide a range of options from which customers can select. It will be possible not to select them all, but the more detailed the selection is, the better the recommendations of fitting items will be.

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Our Advantages

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For example, the customer has a clothing item and wants to select clothes and accessories that fit it best. First, the client should enter the producer of the item, as well as its barcode or SKU for the producer. When they are entered into the app, it starts to search for this item in databases. Moreover, it will be possible to use not only items from the current collection but also the ones that were produced several years ago. It is beneficial for those who cannot afford to buy new clothes every year or those who have their favorite clothes and wear them for a long time. We plan to cooperate with about 25 producers, and this list is expected to become longer with the growing popularity of Apparel Match.

Furthermore, to make the selection more accurate, it will be possible to select the color of the item, if it was sold in several colors, sizes, materials, clothing style, cut-outs, and patterns, among others. Then, customers can select what particular items they want to find, for instance, a dress that matches shoes or sunglasses that match a swimming suit they have. In addition, clients can determine a minimum and maximum price, as well as desired brands. The database allows the app to determine the style of the item, its season, occasions when it can be worn, and some other options. Then, the app will search through databases of all items that are currently sold in all shops and fit both the customer’s selection and color, style, size, and other options of the item they entered. Finally, the customer will receive the information about all items selected by the application, including their photos, prices, bar codes, materials, available sizes, colors, the brand name, and address of the shops where they can be currently purchased. The customer can buy the item online from the Internet store or reserve it to buy directly in the physical store. If it is possible, customers will also be able to pre-order a particular item, size, or color if it is not currently available or is out of stock.

Brief execution plan:

1) Development of the general concept of Apparel Match. It will include the design of the interface, database design, deciding on what items and features will be available for selection, development of options consumers can select for more accurate matching, and so on.

2) Looking for companies and individuals who can become our partners and help in app development, testing, and advertising. We plan to communicate with several companies that develop high-quality applications, but it is also possible to cooperate with individual developers as it is cheaper. After several companies or developers clarify their prices and conditions, the best one will be selected for further cooperation.

3) Development of a test version of the app and its presentation to clothing brands with which we plan to cooperate. Initially, we plan to cooperate with about 25 brands, and this list can be made longer.

4) Advertising of Apparel Match to potential customers. It can be advertised via social media, especially Swiss websites and groups, as well as groups for tourists.

5) After brands start paying for the app user, it will be immediately available for download by customers.

6) If the app is successful and popular, it will attract more and more brands to offer their apparel, and it will be popularized in other countries.

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Our target customers include those who will potentially be interested in Apparel Match, download, and use it regularly. There will be two main target segments, namely the Swiss people up to 35 years old and tourists who come to Switzerland either occasionally or regularly and buy apparel there. The specific customer problem addressed by our app is the difficulty of choosing and buying clothes and accessories. This problem exists because there are many brand stores in Switzerland, and it is hard to visit them all, study all items, and select only one or several things that fit the customer. Thus, our application will help customers to do this difficult work and make the choice much faster and easier.

As mentioned above, our customers can be divided into two large segments the Swiss people and tourists. In their turn, the first segment will have its sub-segments. The Swiss people can be segmented by their ages. The first segment will include people up to 35 years old and the second will include those of 35 and older. People up to 35 years old are our target customers because they are young and use apps more often than older people. Moreover, they are usually limited in finance and time as they work much or have small children, which can be considered a specific problem of this segment. They will be interested in the application to save time and money, as well as to assist in selecting items of the latest fashion because young people tend to follow current fashion trends. For them, the purchasing process will be made after they see an advertisement for Apparel Match or hear about it from their friends. They are decision-makers and end-users themselves, and friends can be their influences.

The second segment will include the Swiss people older than 35 years. They do not target customers because they are not likely to download and use this app often. Nevertheless, they should be considered as potential customers. Older people often do not have enough time to visit stores, but they are richer than average young people. Thus, their specific problem that will be addressed is the lack of time to visit stores. For them, the purchasing process will differ from the one of the first segment. Older people do not use the Internet often. Thus, it is more likely that younger friends or even their children will be decision-makers and influences who will persuade them to download Apparel Match and become its end users. Younger friends and children will potentially describe how to use the application and tell about its benefits.

The third segment will include tourists of different ages who come to Switzerland either occasionally or regularly and can potentially buy apparel there. This segment is a target one because tourists are usually rich and want to buy some items that may be more expensive or unavailable in their countries. The specific problem of this segment is that tourists do not know local shops. For instance, if they buy ski clothes, they may be confused if they choose them the first time. For this segment, tourists are decision-makers and end-users. They can potentially see the advertisement of the application on tourist websites and download it. It is also possible that their friends recommend this app to them, and they will be influencers.

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