Marketing Wellness and Prevention CS2

Ethical issues remain a critical component in the healthcare marketing setting. Over the recent years, healthcare systems have increasingly adopted heavy-investment marketing strategies to influence consumer behaviors and attain an edge over rivals. The main objective of the healthcare marketers’ approach involves educating client-patients and engaging them in clinical intervention strategies.


Code of Ethics Implementation Plan

Codes of ethics are widely known as a means by which an agency communicates its requirements and expectations to the stakeholders. A comprehensive implementation plan includes communication and training campaigns that raise awareness about the desired conduct. The ethical codes should be delivered and enforced by the management to lead the way for the employees.


Marketing Principles

H&M is a retail fashion firm that is characterized by the diversity of products, highly qualitative services, profitability, and the ability to penetrate new markets. The current business situation of the company demonstrates that it targets the expansion of new stores nets and the creation of online markets.


Match Clothes

In the future, the company will produce numerous apps for different purposes. However, to start a business successfully, it is necessary to focus first on one usual and innovative app that will have no competitors and will be attractive to customers.


Soundless Basketball

Soundless basketball is a new product in the sporting and athletic goods industry. It will be a very essential sports item for fans and players of basketball to practice in highly populated places without having to disturb people around them. This technology could also allow players and fans of other ball sports to make it a good experience as well.

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