Market Forces (Micro Environment)

Knowledge is a fundamental phenomenon for tackling competition and still managing the marketing forces. It is used to come up with strategies for overcoming threats and weaknesses and also coming up with strategies for strengthening on the opportunities.


Marketing and Advertising of Meat Products

A marketing plan has been defined as a "guide or a reference point that most businesses use when promoting their products and services with an aim of reaching out to potential customers."


Marketing Plan: Medicinal Marijuana

Cannabis has been used by diverse cultures for its medicinal qualities. However, in recent times, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has faced a lot of stiff criticism and opposition from bodies such as the American Medical Association.


Services Marketing Management

Drawing upon the contemporary statistical data, “since 1970, the service sector has grown from 53% of the UK economy to 73% today,” while the manufacturing industries have “declined from 33% to 16%”. It follows that the performance of service organisations nowadays is of great importance in the consumer market.


Nike Inc.

Before any business venture is launched, the influence of macro and micro environment, as well as financial and economic factors should be considered and analyzed (Gupta & Bojanic 2010). As far as Nike Incorporated is concerned, several factors of paramount influence have been identified.


Drink Driving: What Is Your Plan B?

Road safety is among the top agendas in the world owing to its cardinality to development. With secure roads, people will be assured to move from one point to the other as they seek to improve their countries through development. It can be achieved through initiatives like campaigns which seek to sensitize the public on road safety.

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