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The modern world puts forward a lot of challenges to an ordinary person. In order to be successful in every aspect of life we have to demonstrate our best features. Leadership skills are among the most important since they let us handle the different problems and obstacles. In fact, I am going to face a lot of obstacles during my life. For this reason, I should be a real leader. This paper is going to be devoted to analysis of my character; moreover, special attention will be paid to leadership skills.

Me, like any other person is characterized with some character traits. To begin with, I would like to provide a definition of the term character trait. In my opinion, one of the most appropriate definitions of this term is the following. Simply speaking, character trait is a particular attribute of a person's character. It can be whether physical or emotional. For example, blue eyes can be a character trait. Also, bravery is a character trait, but in an emotional context.

When we talk about a character, we often describe that character in terms of character traits, descriptive adjectives like happy or sad that tell us the specific qualities of character. They're the same kinds of words that we might use to describe ourselves or others, but we're using them to describe fictional characters in something we've read (ReadWriteThink 2003).

My character like a character of any other person has a lot of different traits. Among these traits, there are such as self-awareness, altruism, persistence, hardworking, predisposition to leadership, etc. Thus, this paper will mainly focus on predisposition to leadership.

First of all, I would like to say a few words about my self-awareness and values.

In my opinion, one of the most appropriate definitions of the term self-awareness is the following.

Self awareness means a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment (Pathway to Happiness).

Simply speaking, self awareness can be treated as an ability of a person to perceive and understand strong and weak sides, traits and personality of oneself. Frankly speaking, I am too young to be totally self aware. However, I have already formed some knowledge about my personality. This knowledge has been formed during my studies at school and university. In addition, my family, friends and social environment in general has helped me to become self aware.

First of all, I know what I want; furthermore, what I want to reach in my life. Second, I know what skills I have to develop in order to achieve the stated goals. Moreover, I know what skills should be developed in order to reach the stated goals faster. Also, I am aware about my values. These values are altruism, hardworking, persistence, flexibility.

Of course, any person has some opinion about his/her own values. The question is whether this opinion is correct or not. For example, as I have already mentioned, I believe that I am an altruistic person. Such opinion and value can be proved only by practice and attitude of other people towards me. I believe I am an altruistic person since other people have pointed out this feature. Thus, I can make a very important conclusion. Self awareness is a vital skill for any person. This skill is needed in order to understand one's place and goals in this world. Without self awareness, it would be impossible to move towards the right direction in this life. However, there is also another side. Any person can be characterized by opinions and perception of other people. In fact, I exist because other people percept me. That is why it is very important to monitor their opinion and take it into account. However, we should always remain a unique personality. I believe I am able to find a reasonable balance between my personality and public attitude.

In order to understand my degree of self awareness, I have to trace its evolution. I have already said that I am too young to everything regarding my personality and potential. However, I am able to understand my current features. The other important thing is that I know the final state of my personality. Thus, I have an indicator for further personal development and growth. Also, it is very important to have some real example, some person. Thus, I am going to talk about such person below.

Therefore, evolution of myself awareness has begun at school. I used to communicate with different people. I realized the difference between us and my place in that small group. It helped me realize who I am and who I do not want to be. I was able to distinguish positive features from the negative ones. A great role has been played by my teachers in this context. They tried to develop strong sides of my personality and eliminate the negative ones. In fact, school is one of the whole ranges of institutions that are able to influence our personality and form it. Among the others it should be pointed out such institutions as family, university, church, army, and society in general, etc. I have to be great full to my family, because they have significantly influenced on the development of my personality.

Now I am studying at the university. Development of my personality and self awareness is continuing. However, it is happening on the higher level. Generally, I believe that such development and evolution are going to continue during the whole life. It is one of the main features of a human being - to be able to study and develop during entire life. The task is to define what features of character should be developed. Of course, they should be positive ones.

In order to conclude with this particular part of the research I would like to say the following. As you can understand from the above information, I can be called as self-aware person. I realize my current position in this world, my skills and values and a place that I want to occupy in the future. In fact, I realize the type of a person I want to be. I want to be a developed and reliable person in every aspect of life. I want to build a healthy family. Also, I want to be a good professional in my particular area. Finally, I want to be valuable for society and the world around me. The main motivation for these goals is that I want to find some sense of life, but not to live a routine life without significant objectives and events.

There have always been a lot of discussions about the question what the sense of life is. It is quite difficult to answer this question clearly. Probably, the best answer would be that every person is looking for some individual sense of life. Generally, sense of life of a person may be realized in the goals of life. Respectively, every person has its own aims in life.

It is important to mention that goals can be divided into two groups. We can differentiate personal goals and career goals. Personal goals are related to such values as family, love, personal happiness, etc. Career goals are connected to professional development of a person. The document I am going to present is statement of my goals in this life.

First of all, I am going to talk about my personal goals. Like any other person I want to feel a real love in this life. I want to build a healthy family and share my lifelong experience with my children. Of course, I want my children and other relatives to be mentally and physically healthy. I will be doing my best to reach this goal. I believe that children are continuation and reflection of a person's life and essence of a person. That is why it is a very important lifelong goal to grow up good children and people.

In addition, our life and life of our children depend on surrounding external environment. We are living in quite difficult social and environmental conditions. Future of our society and planet depends on everybody. That is why another lifelong goal is to contribute to improve social environment. Maybe it sounds a bit romantic, but I would like to change the world. This task does not require a lot of time and financial resources. It is just needed to save nature around us and help people that surround me. I believe that if every person could help three other people, the life would have been better.

I believe that the sense of life of any person is realization of his/her potential. This potential may be realized in two ways - personal and professional life. That is why it is very important to build successful professional career. I believe that I have sufficient social and educational background in order to build an effective career. The following task is to realize my potential. Of course, it is a difficult task, especially in the modern conditions of the global financial crisis. However, I believe that obstacles are able to strengthen me and provide additional incentives. I will be forced to develop my skills on a constant basis, but I am not afraid of it. I understand my goals and I will be moving toward it. I believe that I have all the necessary skills to build a successful career in my professional area - quick learner, persistence, positive outlook, hardworking, etc.

It is also very important to explain what successful professional career is for me. Of course, success is not associated with high occupation or great incomes. First of all, I would like to realize my professional potential, to create and realize some interesting and useful projects. It is very important for me to see results of my work. Also, I would like my work and realize projects to be useful for the whole society. I am not keen on doing useless work. I lose motivation in such circumstances. I must say that it is the best choice for me to work as a teacher. It totally respond to my skills and desires. The work is needed for me for professional realization and earning money for living. I will be forced to pay rent and other payments. In addition, I must guarantee a good life for my children. In general, I can say that the biggest success for me is optimal combination of professional and personal life. I would like to be a great working parent.

Therefore, I have explained my motivation in this life. This motivation comes from my self-awareness. I realize who I am and who I want to be. The following task I have to do in this paper is to explain the values and traits I possess in order to reach my goals. First of all, I would like to say a few words about my values. Once again my values are derived from my self-awareness and motivation. That is why all three items are correlated and dependant on each other. I believe that values cannot be negative. Values can be only positive. Generally, they can be divided into two groups such as the values I have and the values I want to develop. The values I have are the following persistence, hardworking, self-motivation, self-awareness, responsibility, respect to the surrounding environment, etc. The values I have to develop in order to reach the stated goals are the following flexibility, positive attitude to any problem, strong character, etc. The current and potential values are realized in the so-called character traits.

However, there are a lot of traits I would like to develop in order to become a successful person. Among them, the following ones may be pointed out leadership, flexibility, strong character, persistence, etc. The most important trait I have to develop in order to achieve my goals is leadership. Leadership can be useful in any area of life. It will help overcome any obstacles and make life better.

The essence of the term leadership can be described with the following words. In its essence, leadership in an organizational role involves (1) establishing a clear vision, (2) sharing (communicating) that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, (3) providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision, and (4) coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members or stakeholders. A leader comes to the forefront in case of crisis, and is able to think and act in a creative way in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may be learnt and may be enhanced through coaching or mentoring (

We should not confuse leadership and management.

The main difference between management and leadership that comes to mind is that management is more formal category while leadership is informal. Managerial principles are formal and regulated according to some rules, organization policy that are already implemented. Leadership depends on the informal relations between people, workers, and emotional relations. Also, leadership depends on the personal qualities of a particular person - a leader.

In addition, there are other differences between these two categories. Leadership sets a new direction or goal for co-workers that they follow. Management controls them and recourses according to principles that have already been established. It proves that management is more technical category while leadership is more personal and creative. As for us, a good leader can be a good manager. However, a manager will not always be a leader. And it is really great for any organization when leadership and management are connected.

Among the functions of a leader we may differentiate the following ones. First of all, the main function of a leader is to unite other people around some goal or some values. Also, a leader represents the interests of a group in negotiations with other people. Very important responsibility of a leader is to create a positive emotional climate inside a group.

Of course, any leader is characterized with some followers - people that listen to him and adhere to all advices. The followers are almost every member of a group. However, we should also remember that there can be some people that do not support a leader.

Thus, a leader represents his followers (employees) in relation with management and also transmits information from management to employees. In fact, he is the so-called mediator between workers and managers of a company. For this reason his role just cannot be overestimated.

As we can see, a leader is very important in business and in any other social area. That is why we can call leadership as one of the most important character traits. The question we want to answer is whether leadership is intrinsic to me, or it can be developed during life. There are two opposite opinions about this issue. Some people claim that person can be only born as a leader. It means that there are some intrinsic preconditions to leadership in a certain person. The opponents claim that it are a life situations that make a leader from an ordinary person. We believe that some compromise should be found between these opinions.

>On one hand, any person has some intrinsic character traits. Usually, we get it from our parents, etc.

However, external circumstances can affect our personality and develop such leadership traits and skills. Thus, I believe that leadership is my intrinsic feature. I have proven it during the different situations in my life. However, I am also sure that my leadership skills will be only developing under the influence of the external environment.

External factors are also very influential in this context. In fact, such factors may make you a certain person or change you. Generally, it proves opinion that a character is a product of cooperation between heritage and external factors. Character traits are a response of your personality to the world that surrounds you.

I have explained you my self-awareness, motivation and values. It would be also reasonable to provide some real example for better understanding of my personality. At the age of 11, I went to a boarding school. I believe I do not have to explain what a difficult challenge it is for any person. Frankly speaking, I was left alone in this difficult and sometimes even cruel world. From now on I had to think about myself. There were no person to rely on apart from my mentors and other children. I was simply forced to realize my personality and the goals I want to reach. I have told you that a great motivation for me is to have a healthy family. Of course, this motivation has been formed at the boarding school. A lot of my values and character traits have been also formed during time in the boarding school. For example, hardworking and persistence are important elements of behavior at the boarding school.

To conclude I would like to say the following.

I have not the easiest destiny and life; moreover, I do not want to have the same future and life for me and my children. It is the greatest characteristic of my self-awareness, on the one hand, and motivation, on the other hand. I believe I will be able to realize my goals, developing the mentioned values and character traits.

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