The Proposed Topic

Today there are many refugees from different parts of the world who migrate from their countries because of different reasons. Some escape insecure environments due to long-term wars and environmental hazards. However, others do not appreciate the economic conditions of their home countries. Canada is known to be one of the countries with the highest refugee resettlement rates globally. This country has a hospitable nature of welcoming refugees to their communities and taking care of their well-being. The recent Syrian refugee crisis displays the commitment of Canada in fulfilling their international mandate of upholding the rights of refuges. The country has planned to resettle more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, while the other countries still fear the negative consequences of admitting these people within their borders. This great history of hospitability has made parties and even some Canadians concerned over the Canadian refugee policies.


This country has a most flexible refugee policy, which explains why refugees continue to flock to its borders in an attempt to get into the country. Their refugee policy is also quite accommodative and less strict compared to the other countries in the West. The country also has various departments the purpose of which is to constructively deal with immigrants and refugees. The following paper is a detailed discussion of migration and Canada’s refugee strategy. The paper seeks to examine the dynamics of immigration into Canada and the refugee policy that they have put in place that makes it the favorite destination of immigrants and refugees.


The paper seeks to analyze the history of various migration and refugee policies in Canada in an attempt to explain the tradition of high refugee resettlement rates. It will look at the interaction of Canada with various groups of refugees over the years. The study also seeks to analyze in details the various organizations and departments in Canada that are charged with the responsibility of handling immigrants and refugees. The sources of reliable information that will be used are scholarly articles, books, and undisputable news and organizational websites. The paper will draw information from the aforementioned sources to draw viable conclusions in answer to the questions that the paper seeks to answer. In addition, the paper will review the current refugee policy in Canada. It will also explore the current Syrian refugee crisis in relation to the migration and refugee policy in Canada. The paper will also highlight the concerns that have been raised by Canadians and the various stakeholders over the nature and dynamics of the Canadian refugee policy. In addressing these concerns, the paper will seek to establish their truths and relevance. The effect of the Canadian refugee policy will also be addressed putting into consideration both the positive and destructive consequences. In conclusion, the paper seeks to know the migration and refugee policy in Canada that makes it a refugee hub as compared to the other countries and whether or not these policies are favorable to the Canadian government and people and improvements that can be made to the Canadian migration and refugee policy.

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Proposed Argument

The subject of immigration and refugees continues to draw numerous reactions worldwide. In essence, various debates have sprung regarding the need for many nations to take part in assisting the refugees. The recent occurrences emanate from the ongoing heated debate in the European Union. There are many refuges that continue to seek safety zones within the European Countries. From the onset, it is vital to admit that the problem of refugees continues to emerge in Austria, Greece, and Macedonia among others that act as key travelling zones. Austria, in particular, has decided to set a limit on the number of asylum applications that refugees can make within a day. They pinpoint that the increasing number of refugees has a detrimental impact. They highlight the decline in security within the borders, political instability, and deterioration in the quality of life as significant challenges that negate the proper handling refuges

Nevertheless, Canada remains a pivotal country in addressing migration. Historically, the nation has been at the forefront in meeting the needs of refugees. In fact, they insist that these people have human rights just like the other citizens within the locality. Consequently, they have developed various laws and policies to address the issue. The following paper, therefore, embeds its argument by focusing on the two sides of the same coin. First, it focuses on the problem of refugees and how it has been handled globally. It then narrows down to Canada as a pivotal nation. It questions the role of Canada in addressing the needs of refugees. As a result, it draws its information from the various researches that have emanated from the subject.

Migration and Canadian refugees’ laws, therefore, provide answers to the dynamics that has surrounded the issue. The ultimate aim of this paper is to persuade the reader on the reason Canada has remained the center of attraction for refugees. To fulfill the mandate, the paper will establish the strengths and limit of the laws. It will carefully examine the role of the government and the citizens in ensuring the fulfillment of the objective. There are various theories that have been in place to emphasize the subject of migration. The paper draws from such arguments to reaffirm the fact that Canada remains a favorite nation for the refuges. A comparison between Canada and the other nation will be imperative in providing statistical evidence concerning Canada’s success in handling refugees.

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