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It is highly unfair and unjustified to claim that the history of such a large continent as Africa was uneventful and there is nothing really worth talking about until the European colonization in the 1800s. Claims like that testify to the ignorance of the speaker as the history of the African continent and its kingdoms was as captivating and as rich as that of European and other kingdoms and civilizations. The fact that today African countries are among the poorest nations of the world does not mean that this has been the truth throughout the centuries and the current situation may be deemed an adverse consequence of the European civilization that you claim to be the starting point of the African history.

The African History course up to 1800 started only two weeks ago, but I have already realized that there are numerous examples that testify to the contrary. The history of the African continent up to 1800 is in fact so rich that it would be impossible to mention everything that concerned its kingdoms and civilizations. A striking example supporting this argument is related to Mansa Musa who was the King of Mali, one of the richest kingdoms in West Africa and the world in general in the 14th century. The travels of the famous traveler Ibn Battuta cover in detail all the treasures that could be met in Mali throughout the reign of the legendary king (Bartel, 2012). In fact, Mansa Musa was so rich that he could take 100 camels loaded with gold during his pilgrimage, which became a reason to consider his kingdom a sort of Eldorado overflowing with gold and other treasures (Green). However, this was not the only strength of the West African kingdom that was also well-known for the high level of literary, civil freedoms, gender equality, and marvelous architecture, as well as sciences. Besides, Africa was known not only for Mali as a cradle of a highly developed civilization as other cities and kingdoms like the ones along the Swahili coast were remarkably civilized and rich (Miller, 2000).

Unfortunately, various achievements and wonders that could be met throughout Africa up to 1800 did not survive for long and were buried after the onset of rapid colonization and submittal of locals to brutal slavery. Nonetheless, current poverty and lagging of most African countries behind developed Western countries do not give anyone a right to deny the legendary past of the continent, which should be on the contrary studied in depth and spread so that everyone would know about it.

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