The Pain and Suffering of Frida Kahlo

Introduction Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who appears in numerous unsmiling and sternly disturbing self-portraits, has recently acquired, or maybe reacquired, a cult status. Germaine Greer called her a patron saint of both lipstick and lavender feminism, whereas in her lifetime surrealist king, Andre Breton, said she was like a ribbon wrapped about a bomb.


The Pearl Harbor Tragedy and Atomic Bomb Attack

Pearl Harbor is a harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. A decent part of the harbor and surrounding area is occupied by the central database of the United States Pacific Fleet. In 1875, the United States and the Kingdom of Hawaii signed a cooperation agreement under which the U.S.


Poor Richards

American past is the key to understanding its present and potential future. It is true for the most societies built in the similar manner and on the similar key elements - various people united by one goal have a better life.



Henri Matisse is referred as one of the most outstanding artists of the twentieth century. The artist contributed largely to the development and treatment of the contemporary art.


Art History

My research topic will be dedicated to the exploration of the prairie houses produced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the synthesis of outstanding oil paintings created by Paul Cezanne in the nineteenth century.


History of Art

Historically, Tholos in ancient Greece was a very nice building of a round shape with an amount of twenty columns in Doric style outside.

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