Technology Can Have a Positive Impact on Education

Executive Summary The modern world people live in is unthinkable without technology. The computers, mobile devices, the Internet have changed the life so drastically already that there is no way back.


Online Search and Education System

Internet usage has played a great role in changing our thinking as well as study habit. The purpose of this argument is to establish the truth that online search is affecting the American education system.


Impact of Authentic Materials on Motivation in ELT Classes: The Hong Kong Experience

Introduction The usage of authentic materials in ESL/EFL classroom environment seems to be frequently referred to in recent professional literature in this field as a major contribution to the learners' motivation with regard to the perception of the ESL classroom material.


My Personal Philosophy of Education

Ordinary dictionaries define education simply as a process composed of triple vital elements related to appropriate stakeholders, such as teaching performed by teachers, learning as part of students' role, and training as an activity relevant for the two groups.



The study of young children, especially during pre-school age, requires attention and commitment. During this stage, small children learn many things that make them what they become in their future.


Social Cultural Issues in Early Childhood

This discussion essay is a research paper on social cultural issues in early childhood. The essay focuses on sleeping arrangements on children. There exist proper sleeping arrangements for the infants and the parents.

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