Saving the Bluefin Tuna: An Economical Perspective

The main goal of this paper is to explain the role of environmental economics on the example of the policy regarding saving the blue-fin tuna. The paper is focused towards lessening the demand on blue-fin tuna by using sub-par fish species such as yellow-fin tuna as a replacement.


Are Fiscal Incentives an Effective Way to Attract Foreign Direct Investment?

Fiscal policy is a very powerful government's instrument, which has an influence on the national economy of the country. It determines business climate and can give incentives to do businesses to both national and international companies. Fiscal policy has also a significant influence on the national economy in the global scale, as some countries use low taxes as their competitive advantage.


Study of Economics

Economics is the study of how people allocate their limited resources in an attempt to satisfy their unlimited needs. This is a study of how people make choices.


How Changing The Prices Can Influence On Your Business

In perfectly competitive market, the government does not interfere in any way, and it is assumed that the parties in the market have correct information meaning that none of them can benefit by giving false information (Hall, 98).


Causes of Unemployment

Unemployment is the other term of joblessness. This term mainly refers to those people who have not job and actively search for it. Therefore, it is significant to calculate the unemployment rate in a particular area.


The Costs of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a system of resource borrowing from the outside. It entails the performance of certain tasks or business processes by third parties. According to the Entrepreneur’s staff, “The practice of having certain job functions done outside a company instead of having an in-house department or employee handle them; functions can be outsourced to either a company or an individual”.

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