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With technological advancement and continued interrelation among different countries, Globalization has increasingly become a major drive of cultural change. James Watson has taken a different approach in determining the impact of the western culture on the on the local culture of the Chinese people through an analysis of the growth and acceptability of the McDonalds restaurants in Hong Kong. Watson maintains that Hong Kong stands out to be a city in which the Chinese culture was well maintained and embedded in all the practices as carried out by the people, including the types of food and related eating behavior. The cuisine shaped the cultural identity of the people of Hong Kong, and it was with great doubt that a restaurant from another cultural background would fit into this setting. 

According to Watson, fast foods were introduced earlier than McDonalds opened their first fast food outlet in the area. However, the types of food offered were entirely different from those offered by the McDonalds in the American setting. Initially, food was delivered to the workers in the offices in an outside setting, but later an indoor establishment of a restaurant ensured that people could find a place to sit and have a comfortable meal. 

According to the author, the Chinese people preferred hot food and they had stereotypes build on cold food, with the most dominating one being that of making sacrifices to the dead. At first, this formed the largest obstacle for the McDonalds to fit into the Hong Kong’s Cultural arena since most of the food offered ranging from hot dogs to pizza was served cold. Most of the population believed that these foods were simple snacks and that they could not be consumed as meals. In fact, most of the people consumed the foods offered in the morning as breakfast, as they were considered light. Watson develops a systematic analysis of the introduction of not only the different foods by McDonalds, but also the specific times when they are consumed. The initially considered rigid culture of the Chinese people is seen succumbing to the change brought about by the American feeding culture because of globalization. A new generation of fast foods consumers and a change in diet preferences were also observed because of McDonalds' establishment in Hong Kong. 

It is important to consider Watson’s analysis of the entire change in culture, as it is clear that societal culture I bound to conform to change. Globalization spices it all as it has allowed different cultures to interact through trade, education, and exchange programs among other practices. Through such interaction, the dominant culture will always cast a shadow over the other culture. The question of great importance is how the western culture has been considerably dominant in most scenarios. As much as different cultures conserve most of their local identity, the western culture is always embraced to a certain significant level. You will realize that most of the schools in the other nations are developed using the operational framework of the schools in the west, and to make matters more clear, these schools offer lessons of languages from the western culture such as the American English. The New generations of the society are more curious and explorative which further stretches the boundaries of cultural change. It is certain that exposure to other forms of culture that are rendered as more “civilized” would see the erosion of the initial cultures. This can be observed through the changes in clothing, feeding, and business cultures among different societal cultures because of globalization. 

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