Kudler Fine Foods is a virtual organization established in June 1998 that specializes in arguably the best imported and domestic products in San Diego and its environs (About Kudler, 2014). The company mainly uses the internet in their operations. Mrs. Kathy Kudler is the founder and President of Kudler Fine Foods, and she takes part in the day to day management functions at the organization. Part of her responsibility includes the selection of merchandise to be sold at the stores and their pricing.

Kudler fast foods has three departmental stores, each with a manager who is responsible for the functions of organizing, decision making, controlling operations, planning and strategizing. Most of the functions of purchasing are handled by the three departmental store heads. They ensure the organization deals in the best quality products and at the best prices. They receive deliveries, assess quality and quantity and authorize the accounts department to execute payment through an invoice. These managers also participate in marketing in conjunction with the President of the organization. They also handle inventories and provide reports that would be used in preparing quarterly forecasts for the organization.

In as much as the organization has senior executive staff that handle management at Kudler, the organization has instilled in the employees a sense of responsibility for a portion of management, mainly attributed to the small number of individuals in senior leadership positions at the firm. The firm has diversified in its operations by providing a wide range of products that includes wine, baked foods, fresh meats, cheese, dairy, organic and inorganic foods as it seeks to provide a one-stop shop for its customers in its quest to satisfy their needs (Robbins & Coutler, 2005).

With all this in perspective, the organization's growth has led to the need for some changes to be made at different departments in the organization and in the systems the company uses in its daily operations.

In Marketing and Purchasing, the marketing department should be trained on offering personalized services to the customer with an aim of increasing sales to the company's customers. It should also advocate for a policy that will ensure the organization always has stock to sell to their customers. This would greatly support the firm's quest to align itself fully with the requirements of the customer as observed in the habits the consumers have and ensure constant supply to the buyers. In the process, the firm will endear itself to the customers as affordable and efficient, enhancing customer loyalty. The results of this should be reflected in the sales records.

In human resource, the firm is encouraged to hire highly qualified and specialized staff to support its diversification into different kinds of food. This would increase the quality of the products offered for sale to the public. Professionals would give the products the legitimacy required in order to win the trust of the customers, and even boost the chances of attracting new customers. The company can train more staff in the different product segments and distribute them according to their areas of specialization. Inter-departmental transfers should also be relevant in order to ensure productivity in division of labor and avoid the issue of an individual dealing in very many products while compromising quality in production. With this done, there will be an improvement in quality, subsequently increasing sales (Robbins & Coutler, 2005).

Kudler Fine Foods uses the internet in its operations and as such, there is need to upgrade its systems to accommodate the increased number of clients it deals with on a daily basis and to have a database that is better constructed and more reliable. Information technology staff should be trained on how to handle automated information as a lot of information is not automated currently. An improvement in this section will help a great deal in retrieving information the moment it is needed for later use. With growth in data, a centralized database with competent IT staff would reduce the company's costs of acquiring and information and increase sales.


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