Needs analysis can be termed as the process through which an individual addresses and determines the current conditions of an individual, and those conditions that they would wish to have. This is done through SWOT analyses where one looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face an organization.

Needs and Organization analysis

Kudler Fine Foods was established in June 1998 by Kathy Kudler. It is a food store located in San Diego metropolitan area, and specializes in providing the finest types of foods, from fresh produces to baked foods and even a fine selection of wines. Apart from the branch in San Diego, they have two more branches, one in Del Mar and another in Encinitas. Being one of the best supply chains in San Diego, especially since it was the only one of its kind when it was first opened up in 1998, this acts as one of its strengths. This is because, without much competition when it first opened up, people got used to it and became frequent customers. It is hard for such loyal customers to change their preferences, even when another store opens up. This helps the company by retaining their customers, and attracting new ones too. With the ability to provide a wide range of foodstuffs all under one roof, this is a great strength since shoppers prefer shopping in places where they can get everything they need at one stop point.

With the learning classes that they have arranged for their customers, where they hire the best and renowned chefs from all over the world to teach their customers and others who are interested, they are able to retain a wide customer base. This is strength for them since their customers are assured that they can learn to prepare new and different dishes using the new ingredients that they might find at the store. Other shops just provide new ingredients and products without providing a learning means for their customers.

In analyzing the weaknesses of the supply chain, we will look at the things that might affect the operations of the shop negatively. In advertisements, they do not market themselves well since their advertisements are mostly done through the local newspaper. They should branch to more ways of advertising like through the internet considering the level of internet usage that goes on. This can help in boosting their sales level and their customer base.

The store has a lot of opportunities around them that they can use to their advantage. With the increased usage of internet around, the management can come up with a system where they do most of their advertising through the internet. They can also create a way where their customers are able to place their orders online and even pay for them. This helps in saving time for both their clients and the staff too. Another opportunity that the store has and should make good use of is the customer loyalty program. This is where a customer earns points depending on the purchases that they make at the store. The more the purchases, the more points a customer gets. They should make good use of this by ensuring that they reward their customers with products or services that are not offered by other stores, thus providing new things. Through this, they will be able to attract new customers and retain the old ones (Korjonen-Close, 2005).

The biggest threat that most businesses face is competition from existing and upcoming business, that still deal with the same products and services as them. Threats are factors from the external environment of a business that can affect the running of a business. They should watch out on their competitors. This will help them know how their competitors run their business and any other new ideas or products that they come up with. It's clear that the shop is well established and has a lot of potential of growing and increasing its sales.


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