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Today the women on the magazine covers and men in the films have perfect bodies. In this way, the fashion industry offers us a new standard of the human body and influences the opinion of people about natural beauty. This essay reveals the impact that the fashion industry makes on people. It tells why children and young people prefer a perfect body and appearance over a healthy lifestyle. It highlights the impact of magazine covers and television on our conception of natural beauty.

Fashion and Flesh

The fashion industry and modern way of life that our generation leads established some rules that make people change their position on natural beauty. Magazines and television constantly promote the perfect image of women and the strong bodies of men. Today we can find a lot of information on the Internet about how television influences people. There are a lot of opinions and theories about the issue. Someone considers that there is nothing dangerous in what we see on TV screens every day. However, a decent part of the Internet community is concerned about the impact of television on people’s personalities and identities. Television is constantly offering the viewers some ideal characteristics of life standards. Fashion TV programs and films created the ideal image of a beautiful woman and perfect man that does not fit the reality. What we see on television has completely changed our conception of natural beauty.

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The influence of modern television and magazines on people should not be underestimated. There is no single Hollywood movie or magazine cover that does not represent the main heroine in a perfect shape and with modern makeup. Television is full of those images and does not give us the choice to have another opinion about natural beauty. From early childhood, little girls and boys are looking at those models’ perfect bodies and want to be like them. We need to understand how children and youth react to them. It is not a secret that girls dream about a prince on the white horse, whereas boys dream about the princess. What images are left in their consciousness? Based on the television, for girls, it will be the strong man with muscles, and for boys, it will be the thin woman with a perfect face. However, the reality differs from their expectations. The fashion industry creates the perfect bodies with the help of unnatural tools such as makeup and Adobe Photoshop software programs. The child’s mind eagerly accepts the image. In the future, when he/she will be faced with the choice, it will make him her face reality. Many of them will not be satisfied with the natural beauty as it is not perfect. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the rate of a married couples is rapidly decreasing.

The other important issue is that young people strive to be similar to the images that they see on television and magazine covers. Probably, it is good to strive for the ideal of beauty. Unfortunately, girls and boys do not have a clear understanding of the problem. Instead of sports, an active way of life, and healthy food they prefer activities that can harm their health and natural beauty. Girls often go on diets, use makeup and wear fashionable clothing. Boys prefer steroids to regular training in a gym. People who have problems with weight may feel inferior and limit themselves in many activities. They feel like they are not as good as other people and hide their real personalities.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that fashion is having a great influence on the behavior of people. The most significant danger is presuming that people have to care about their appearance more than about their inner side. Today it is more important how you look than who you are inside. We want to look good, but we do not want to put some effort into it. We also begin to forget that the perfect shape does not mean that the body is healthy. Additionally, we do not want to be the ones who we are and quickly copy the behavior of the majority. The fashion industry has established new rules and people got used to them very quickly.

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