TamannaRoashan: Dress Your Face

Summary of Strategic Analysis and Use of Social Media Overall

TamannaRoashans strategic objectives in the social media:

Brand building and brand promotion or branding (Facebook, Instagram)

The strategic objective of TamannaRoashan on the social platforms is to promote and consolidate her brand Dress Your Face in the minds of consumers by creating relationships between the brand and the consumers, the result of which is the fixation of the associations connected with this brand. Her strategic objectives are to form a positive information space around the brand, to monitor the formation of the brand's image, and to increase the awareness of her and the brand.


The visualization of the brand elements testifies to this fact. Tamanna branded the photos and pictures posted on the social platforms using the inscription @DressYourFace (Instagram, 2016). Besides, the posts made on Facebook are with a number of pink elements such as hearts, what is the brand color (Facebook, 2016).

Increase general awareness about the business and services (Facebook, Instagram)

TamannaRoashan aims at more people visiting the social platforms and her websites to make them know the brand, the services, and the products they can buy. The more people know about the service, the more will become trial users, eventually turning into monthly users. Within this strategic objective, Roashan also intends to increase the number of the followers and the likers of the pages, what will reveal increased awareness.

For instance, it can be seen in the launching of new directions, such as posting the looks with a detailed description of what to wear, which may attract new visitors (Facebook, 2016). Besides, she constantly posts pictures of her beautiful life, what draws those people who follow the lives of celebrities and like to look at luxury pictures (Instagram, 2016).

Create and increase the community of loyal customers (Facebook, Instagram)

TamannaRoashans strategic objective is to form emotional attachment to her brand and services such as a positive attitude, respect, love, and trust.She aims to create and increase a constant positive interaction with the audience and receive feedback from the customers.

First of all, the usage of social media by any company is originally aimed at increasing loyalty. In relation to Roashan, it can be seen in her informing of the target audience on the social platforms. She constantly places and promptly updates the information about the services, making it accessible and understandable, as well as makes announcements and reminds about the upcoming lessons or events (Facebook, 2016). It saves the time of consumers, thus, increasing the brand loyalty. She also gathers opinions about her products and services using Q&A. Moreover, the loyalty strategy reveals itself in the constant communication with the consumers on the platforms (Instagram, 2016).

Strengthen the authority and demonstrate the professionalism (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

The strategic objective of TamannaRoashan on the social platforms is to demonstrate the past accomplishments of herself and the brand as well as prove the deep expertise and uniqueness of her products.

The evidence for that is Tamannas constant posting of her past works, informing the audience of the long years of operation, showing the number of people attending the seminars and other events, and boasting with the number of her followers (Instagram, 2016). Almost every post made demonstrates her professionalism. Besides, she always emphasizes the courses she provides constantly referring to them, what shows her deep expertise (Facebook, 2016).

Identify people who may be interested in the services or products (Facebook)

TamannaRoashan aims to accumulate the base of people who are interested in her products or services. This also involves the generation of the subscribers' base.

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The awarding of the visitors of the social platforms is a classic example of that. Roashan provides free lessons for her subscribers and followers, giving discount coupons for the lessons and make-ups to her new likers (Dress Your Face Live, 2016). Besides, on the social platforms, she occasionally holds contests with prizes of the brand products or services, such as Fan of the week (Facebook, 2016). So, she is sure to accumulate a base of people who are interested in her products or services.

Content-marketing(Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)

TamannaRoashans strategic objective is to fill the social platforms, as well as websites, with high-quality and unique content. She strategically aims to raise the number of content sources, as well as to create unique materials and increase the frequency of their posting on the platforms and websites.

Exclusively high-quality images picked-up, the unique photos and videos used, and the posts made almost every day substantiate this strategy. Moreover, the quality of content can also be proved not only by monologue, but also interactive content, such as surveys, discussions, questions and answers (Instagram, 2016).

Additionally, the strategic objectives of TamannaRoashan on the social platforms may be to enter the global market, generate the base of subscribers, create the fans' community, create a platform for brand communication with consumers, selling products, etc.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Success on the social media

The social media is what allowed TamannaRoashan to make her brand Dress Your Face, business, and work globally recognized, as well as raise her career onto a much higher level. Thanks to the social media platforms, Tamanna is able to reach hundreds of thousands of followers every day worldwide in addition to having millions of subscribers on various platforms. Thus, she has quickly become the most famous and popular make-up artist in the whole world, especially in Afghan and Indian communities (Berar, 2014).

It happened not due to the cosmetology classes and certifications or the Bachelors degree, but due to the photography skills, the quality of make-up, and the sharing of perfect images on social media which led to such success (Home, n.d.). From MySpace to Instagram, her audience has grown very fast resulting in the world popularity even before she turned nineteen (Berar, 2014). With the millions of followers around the world, the websites with high traffic, and the courses always booked, Roashan is undoubtedly flourishing.

The most successful platform

TamannaRoashan has pages on such social platforms as MySpace, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram where she has achieved huge international following. However, the most successful is the Instagram account because of its two and half a million of followers, and the biggest number of active people with their likes there (Instagram, 2016). Besides, it is where famous Anastasia Beverly Hills found Tamanna, supported with comments, and made her the face of the famous worldwide Contour Kit (Berar, 2014).

Fit with the strategic objectives

This especially fits in with the content-marketing and brand promotion strategic objectives. The biggest contributor to the success of the social media pages, in particular Instagram account, was the constant sharing of photos revealing the product used. So, they are filled not only with beautiful images but with valuable information, making the content high-quality. Additionally, good photos posted on various platforms make the name of the brand popular worldwide.



The first strategic recommendation is to increase the brand promotion and make it stronger. It will help to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Consumers prefer brands with objective brand messages and a clearly positioned value. This creates a relationship of trust, whereby consumers get satisfaction from the use of the goods of the brand. The branding of the Dress Your Face in the social media is not effective enough and could be improved.

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The second strategic recommendation is to make more effort in increasing the general awareness of the business and services. This will contribute to the increased sales, resulting in the audience growth. Roashan should devise more strategies to increase the number of followers and new fans of the brand. In particular, she should increase the general awareness in different countries apart from Afghanistan and India. Taking into account that this segment is much broader, it will contribute to the higher percentage and variability of followers, and, thus, make the sales higher.


In order to follow the first strategic recommendation, the first tactical recommendation will be to change the cover photo in the top of the Facebook page with the branded image using the branded inscription or the logotype and the colors of the brand. Besides, it will be better to use the logotype instead of the inscription @DressYourFace when branding the photos in both Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, it is better to focus more on Instagram where the branding is weaker, though there are more followers and likers.

In order to follow the second strategic recommendation, the second tactical recommendation will be to start posting various articles about trends in make-up, cosmetics, fashion, and hair styles, as well as articles-tutorials with instructions what to do and what not on Facebook. People will enter the required requests in the search engine and find Roashans articles. This will bring more audience potentially interested in the business and services to the social platform, what will help to develop it. Besides, the awareness of consumers is higher in Afghan and Indian communities in contrast to the rest of the world, where it is much lower. In order to attract world-wide audience, Tamanna should preferably fill the content of all the social platforms not only with the photos and videos of make-ups in Indian style, but also more modern and European make-ups.

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