Weapon System

Humankind has created, developed, and improved hundreds and hundreds of methods and tools of killing the representatives of own kind. However, there are not so many weapon systems to distinguish despite the variety of weapons on the planet.


Apple iPhone 5 Evaluation

The release of a new product is always supported by numerous commercials and advertisements that glorify it. These commercials usually are created based on general expectations of potential customers from this product. This paper will show if the creativity and understanding of the targeted market and its customers helped the marketers to create the persuasive image of iPhone 4 in the commercial from YouTube, called "iPhone 5 Design Video" (YouTube).


Fashion and Flesh

Abstract Today the women from the magazine covers and men from the films have perfect bodies. In this way, fashion industry offers us a new standard of the human body and influences the opinion of people about natural beauty.


The Effect of Internet on Our Lives

The invention of the Internet is one of the most marvelous events in the history of computer technology. People of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds and social statuses are becoming obsessed with its possibilities. Internet has penetrated into every part of our everyday lives.


Persuasive Speech

Some behaviors may negatively influence a society while others affect it positively. For a behavior to influence the society positively, it has to be molded for a long time (Knight, 2001).


Depression Speech

Depression is a condition that is characterized with dejection and despondency and is usually accompanied by emotions of inadequacy and hopelessness.

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