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Students who use online custom essay services are usually concerned about two things - plagiarism and the quality of the writers who will be producing their orders. First, they must be certain that when they order and pay for writing service they are not going to receive and then submit a product that has been cut and pasted or plagiarized from some other source. Second, they really want to know that the individuals tasked with producing their orders are really professional writers, rather than some machine or amateur, churning out the same old tired essays and papers for just a cheap writing price.

At EssaysCreator, we believe in complete transparency relative to both our process and the caliber of our writing staff. When we do your essay, we want you to know exactly who will be conducting the research and preparing the final draft and exactly how this all happens.

An Individually Selected Essay Writer for Every Order

If you have used our service before or know anyone who has, you probably understand that you do not just give us a topic and length. No, you must provide much more detail. What is your academic level? What types of research materials are to be used? How many sources must you have? What is the format requirement? When is it due? Is there a specific point of view or focus you want? You can go to any cheap price essay service an give them a topic. That's all they want. And they will just you something that relates, usually not original, by the way. Here, we must have the detail, for that is how we select a writer! If you need a high school term paper on the British colonization of India, we will assign a Bachelor-degreed writer in European or world history; if you are writing a doctoral dissertation on biogenetic engineering, we will assign a consultant with a Ph.D. in that field. Everything is matched, so that the end product is scholarly at written at the appropriate level.

Where We Get Our Writers

We cannot brag enough about our absolutely superb staff of researchers, writers and editors.To give you an idea of the employment process, we can list for you the application and screening process.

  • We actively recruit continuously.
  • When we have an application, it must contain transcripts and degrees awarded
  • All writers must pass a difficult examination in English grammar and composition
  • All writers must then produce an original research work on a topic of our selection.

When we finally accept a writer to provide paper and essay help to our clients, we know we have employed top quality and that only the best essays and papers will be produced each and every time!

Our writers come from a variety of academic and career fields, because of the variety of needs our clients have. Many are retired teachers and professors; others come from career writing fields in journalism and commercial writing. Each one of them has unique talents and skills to "bring to the table", and they are given writing assignments that are carefully matched to those talents and skills.

How You Get to Know our Writers

When you place an order to buy an essay, paper, or anything else, and we assign a writer to the project, that writer is immediately put in contact with you. You two will collaborate on the project, discussing any and all aspects of it as necessary, and you will always remain informed of all that is being done.

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