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Essay Editing - The Polish that any Piece of Writing Must Have

You have written an essay or paper filled with great information, ideas, and comments. You believe it is compelling and well written. You also have a strong "emotional investment" in what you have written because you have worked hard to develop your focus or thesis. Now you have the rough draft, and it is time to review, edit and proofread. Are you really the best person to do this? Possibly, if you can put aside your "attachment" to it and provide an objective analysis of what you have produced.

When you submit an essay or paper to an instructor, you must understand that that individual's first impression is seriously important. When good essay editing has not occurred prior to submission, the instructor is immediately "turned off" by errors in structure, organization, grammar and mechanics. The statement to the instructor is that the student simply did not have the strength of purpose to complete a good paper editing, and this translates to laziness! The best ideas, thoughts, opinions, and information are all "lost", and the grade will certainly suffer.

Advice and Tips for Editing Essays and Papers:

  • Read through the entire document as a whole. In the case of lengthy works with sections, read through each section in this manner. Can you "see"; a logical flow of content? Do you have good transitions between paragraphs? Is the sequencing solid? If you are too "close" to the work, seek the editing services of a trusted peer or a professional online essay company;
  • Check sentence structure, grammar and punctuation: Do you have good variety in types and lengths of sentences. This keeps the reading interesting. If you are unsure about your grammar usage (e.g., pronoun/antecedent agreement, verb tenses, use of conjunctions, etc.), you may want some professional assistance. Punctuation is tricky, and, if you are not truly adept, again, perhaps an essay editing online service can polish this part;
  • Check you formatting. Chances are your instructor has prescribed a specific format (APA, MLA, etc.), and you want to be certain it is correct. If in doubt check an online format guide;
  • Re-read the introduction. Have you grabbed the reader's attention with a shocking or compelling statement? Can Help You! is a custom online essays writing and editing company that employs content-specific experts who will create and/or edit essays and papers for students. If you wish to buy our essay editing services, we can find the perfect writer/editor for the topic and level of your completed piece. Our editing services are offered at a relatively cheap price, and you will know that someone with years of academic writing experience is reviewing your work and providing the finishing and the polishing that will impress your instructor or professor. We edit essays, papers, case studies, theses and dissertations on a daily basis for students throughout the English-speaking world, and our customer feedback is always positive. The review and editing process involves two aspects: 1) a complete review for structural soundness, flow, and coherency. All suggestions in these areas will be communicated to you by your writer before any changes are made. 2) proofreading for sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, and formatting. In these instances, changes will simply be made, for they do not change the content; they give the polish!


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  • Collaboration and communication between editor and client at all times;
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  • A complete rewrite of the essay or paper, if deemed necessary by an editor and approved by the client, at a reasonable cost;
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