How to Write a Narrative Essay
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Ideas to Organize Your Own Narrative Essay

Studying at a college or university, students often need to write different kinds of work. One of these tasks is the creation of a narrative essay. Many learners believe that this is a very hard task, but in fact, it is not so difficult, you just need to understand what the essence of such a text is and learn what the correct structure of this type of paper should be. These guidelines will help you write brilliant text and get a good mark.

Narrative Essay Definition

People always liked to tell stories to each other. Various stories are shared with readers by writers and poets. People tell their friends and relatives about the situations in which they find themselves every day. They try to make their listeners interested. Speakers often use facial expressions, gestures, intonation, and timbre of voice, unusual words, and expressions. The same is in the narrative essay. This type of paper, having the same form and structure as other types of educational essay, is more creative. In this work, the author usually wants not only to show the sequence of events but also to convey his feelings and his attitude towards them. As you can see, there is a variety of different narrative essay topics, you can write about any occasion from your life or about other made-up-story.

Find an Idea and Create a Plan

At the beginning of work, it is necessary to find the right idea, which will be interesting for the audience and make a plan for the future text. To do this simply, you just need to write down all the thoughts that you have about your topic, choose the most important ideas and make them the main points of your outline.

Narrative Essay Format

The Main Components of Your Story

First and foremost, you need the place where the action of history will be happening. Characters are people who are referred to in the essay. The plot is a storyline, which tells about what happens in your essay, the sequence of events. Often the essay has a culmination or turning point when the character's character or the events described the change. Sense is the main idea to which the author leads the reader. The mood is a certain atmosphere, which the author of the essay creates with his or her story. This atmosphere can be pleasant, encouraging, indefinite, frightening, etc. It begins the narrative. Here you describe the place, imagine the characters, and prepare the reader for what will happen afterwards.

How to Write a Narrative Essay Introduction

As you know, a good beginning of the text is the key to the success of your paper, so you need to make every effort to write it correctly. Of course, the introduction should have an attention grabber and a statement. Attention grabber is a part of the introduction (usually the first sentence), which draws the attention of the reader. It awakens in the reader the desire to guess what will happen next. After reading this part of the text, the reader may have many questions.

In the narrative essay, the statement of action (event, phenomenon) starts from the affirmation, which is devoted to the essay. Be careful: it is better if the reader does not understand from the statement what has exactly happened. Try only to hint at what will be said in the main part.

The Body of the Text

In the main part of the essay lies the main intrigue. You can tell about events in different ways. Chronological order is mostly used. In this case, the reader, as he or she gets acquainted with the text, gradually learns about the events that have occurred. Remember, every new thought should be logically connected to the previous one.

If you can convey in your essay the sounds and smells of the event described and draw a pictorial picture for the reader, your text will become much more attractive.

How to Create Proper Conclusion

Like other types of essays, a narrative text also needs conclusions. In the last paragraph, you must finish describing the event. The final sentence can perform two functions: the author can deduce morality from the narrated story or share thoughts on what the actors of history learned through this event; the writer can make an assumption about what will happen in the future, or share his or her discovery (if he or she learned something new).

Follow this instruction, and you will get a good text. Here are some important rules for you. Your narrative essay will be successful if:

  • Its statement serves as an impetus, through which further narrative develops
  • There are special sentences the reader to follow the development of the plot in the text
  • The text is buried by the deduction of morality, the statement of the assumption or the message about the discovery made by the author.
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