How to Write a Case Study/Analysis? A Detailed Workshop How to Write a Case Study/Analysis? A Detailed Workshop
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A case study has become an integral tool in any marketing department nowadays. However, despite the incredible popularity of the case studies, most of them are daunting and boring. Consequently, they do not bring the expected results. If you want to succeed in writing your case study, you need to learn a few effective tips and secrets. In the following guideline, we will inform you about everything you wanted to know about case study writing. Rest assured, learning how to write a case study/analysis, you will be able to reach the desired heights.

In the following guideline, we will outline the case study structure, identify what content will turn successful, review the key challenges and pitfalls that can underestimate the quality of the case study, as well as provide you with the great case study topics. So, are you ready to create a fantastic case study that will engage and intrigue your audience? Then, let us get started!

What makes a case study effective?

Consider the following points:

  • A good case study positions your product or service as the best solution for the audience. If you are hesitating whether the content of your case study should “sell” the product, the answer is “yes.”
  • All your arguments should be supported by solid evidence. We assure you that no one will doubt the accurate and credible data.
  • Your case study should not repeat other papers. To create an amazing piece, you need to make your case study truly original and authentic.

No doubt, writing a good case study requires much time and efforts. In particular, you need to conduct in-depth research studying the materials pertaining to your problem. Also, you need to write a great paper keeping the right style and tone. Finally, you need to revise your case study many times until it turns into a fantastic piece that will bring you the result you need.

If you do not want to write your case study on your own, you can always hire a professional writer from the trusted platform and delegate this task on their shoulders.

Do you realize the value of case studies? Do they really work?

Yes, and here is why:

  • When selling a particular product, a well-written case study will help your potential customers learn about the benefits of your product or service;
  • A case study can also guide the audience on how to solve a particular problem;
  • A case study may enhance the authority and credibility of your personal brand;
  • Case studies usually make things easier. Analyzing a particular case from different perspectives, they help to make the right decision.

What Is a Case Study?

Before you understand what is a case study and how to write a case study/analysis, you need to learn what a case study is NOT:

  • A case study is not an advertisement. Yes, they are often used to advertise new products or services, but you should not use your case study as just the tool for selling;
  • A case study is not a press release. Although case studies are usually used to accompany the new product launches, they should not just talk about the new products;
  • A good case is not about your company; it is about the role of the customer in it.

Most authors ignore the purpose of a case study turning this paper into the instrument for making money. Thus, most of the cases study papers are forgettable crap that does not have any value. We assure you that when taking care of the brand voice and forgetting to tell the narrative story, you may fail. Or, even worse, you turn your case study into the praise of your company, which is the greatest mistake of any case study writer.

Writing Case Study: Common Tips

There are two different approaches to writing case studies.

If you are a student, we highly recommend you to check with your instructor which one is needed exactly:

Type 1. Problem-oriented. This case study is usually written to identify the problem and suggest an efficient solution to its solving;

Type 2. Analytical. This case study is usually written to understand what happened and why. At the same time, it is not obligatory to identify the problem and suggest solutions.

Case Study Writing Techniques

Below, you will find the tips that will help you start an amazing case study.

  • If you need to develop several case studies on the same general subjects, feel free to use a template;
  • When conducting the interviews, make sure to ask open-ended questions to foster the discussion;
  • Always ask the participants of your case study for permission to use their names and personal information. If they do not want to disclose their personal information, make sure to protect their anonymity;
  • Ask the participants of your case study for permission to contact them in case you need some additional information.

The Main Case Study Steps

We assure you that good preparation for writing a case study is the integral step to making a good job. Start from reading the text of your case study thoroughly. If you believe that it is simple, it is not quite right. When reading the case study, you need to make some notes that will help you develop the main arguments in your paper. Undoubtedly, you will understand your purpose better or identify your position easier having a clear understanding of all the aspects of the case study.

Before you start writing, familiarize yourself with the plan of actions given below that will define each of your steps helping you create a well-structured piece:

  1. Read the case study several times.

Highlight the relevant information, take notes, and underline the key aspects you will discuss in your case study paper;

  1. Make your analysis focused.

Identify two-five main problems. For instance: sources of competitive advantages of Bershka or the inability of Starbucks’s to provide a stable increase in profits. Create an outline. An outline will help you focus on the main points in your case study and not to include the irrelevant details. Define the cause and effect relation. Try to understand why did the particular problem occur and what are its potential threats.

  1. Think about potential solutions.

Review the course readings, as well as study the findings of other scholars to understand what actions were already undertaken for solving the particular problem and which ones turned to be effective/ineffective;

  1. Choose the best solution.

After considering all the pros and cons of each solution, try to select the one that seems the most beneficial. Make sure to explain why this solution seems the most realistic to you. Do not panic if your solution is different from the one suggested by the experts. Think big and apply a non-standard approach and you will be able to push the limits and achieve academic success.

Check Out the Successful Case Study Examples

  1. Culture difference in Business Relations Case Study of Africa and China
  2. Case Analysis: Apple Losing Market Share of the iPhone
  3. HP Case Analysis
  4. Individual Business Case Assignment
  5. Case Analysis for Walt Disney
  6. Mazda Case Study
  7. Case Analysis: McDonald’s Individual Project
  8. Psychosocial Development Case Study Analysis: What`s Eating Gilbert Grape?
  9. Case Analysis: Movie Industry
  10. Contingent Workforce Planning at the Motorola Inc

The Procedure of Writing a Case Study

Prepare a Rough Draft of your Case

Once the necessary information is gathered, it is high time to start writing your draft.

Following your outline point-by-point, prepare your case study paper starting from the introduction:

  1. Introduction.

As well as in any other academic paper, the case study introduction should serve as the roadmap for the reader helping them grasp the scope and purpose of your paper. Apart from describing the research problem, you need to explain how will your paper address it.

  1. Literature review.

The literature review in a case study performs the same function as in the ordinary academic paper. To put it simply, it should be focused on the interpretation of the findings of other researchers on a particular topic.

When writing the literature review, you need to consider the following points:

  • Pick up the credible and peer-reviewed sources that are not older than five years;
  • Use the relevant and accurate facts that will help you explain your arguments in detail;
  • Demonstrate that you are fully aware of the problem discussed in your case study.
  1. Methods.

In the methodology section, you need to identify the methods and strategies that helped you in discussing the particular problem. Even if some of them were ineffective, you have to mention everything.

  1. Discussion.

As you can see, the main parts of your case study are the same as in any other academic paper. In particular, you should also include a discussion in which you will report the findings and interpret the results of your study. Unlike the academic papers, when it comes to writing a case study paper, you should perfectly combine a description of findings with the detailed discussion of their implications.

The key objectives of the discussion section are as follows:

  • Suggest the specific and efficient solutions or changes needed;
  • Explain the choice of the solution providing the sound arguments;
  • Support all the arguments with solid evidence;
  • Use the concepts or theories discussed in class;
  • Provide the findings obtained in the outside research;
  • Include personal experiences.
  1. Conclusion.

To finalize your case study paper, you need to write a conclusion that will restate your thesis statement and explain whether you managed to reach your goals. In the concluding paragraph, summarize your findings and clearly identify the solution. Also, you may guide other researchers providing them with the recommendations for further studies. Keep in mind that the conclusion should not introduce new information and citations.

When the paper is written, make sure to edit and proofread it to polish it and fix all mistakes. Remember that only a truly flawless paper will bring you the desired grade.

List of Efficient Topics for Your Case Study

Our creative writers, who have already produced hundreds of successful case studies, have created the list of great case study topics that will help you discuss the important problems and get the expected grades. Undoubtedly, choosing a good topic is not enough to produce a great case study, but it is an important step in the case study writing process that should not be ignored.

So, if you want to impress your supervisor, make sure to select the topic from the list below and develop it into a great paper:

IT Topics

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, as well as its impact on human life;
  2. Randomized algorithms: benefits and shortcomings;
  3. Discuss the role of bioinformatics in the contemporary digital age;
  4. Analyze the work of graphical users’ interfaces focusing on the key advancements and pitfalls;
  5. Evaluate the influence of the brain computer interface on humanity;
  6. Discuss the role of augmented reality in the nursing area;
  7. Explain in which ways the problems of haptic technology can be resolved in the nearest future.

Psychology topics

  1. The potential ways for overcoming sexual harassment in the workplace;
  2. How to treat the complex of superiority among the media stars and political leaders?
  3. The potential complications of the complex of the emperor;
  4. Discuss the impact of medical marijuana on a fetus;
  5. Discuss the bystander effect and its essential features;
  6. Discuss the ways of treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder;
  7. Evaluate the role of self-monitoring in dealing with difficult customers.

Environment Topics

  1. Discuss the role of green technology in reducing wastes;
  2. Evaluate the Sweden experience in preserving wildlife;
  3. How to protect blue whales, the biggest mammals on Earth?
  4. Discuss the effects of water pollution in the underdeveloped countries;
  5. What countries failed to follow the Kyoto protocol?
  6. Provide a brief overview of carbon dioxide emission in Canada.
  7. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of green tourism in the United States.

Why Buying a Case Study Online Is a Good Option?

A case study is a particularly important assignment that significantly influences the student`s reputation and academic results. If you feel unable to conduct comprehensive research and come up with efficient solutions, you should better delegate this task to the professional writers, who will complete it on the highest level. If you are pressed with the deadline or have no time to spend it on case study writing, do not hesitate to buy a paper on our trustworthy writing service and we will provide you with the truly brilliant piece that will cover your instructions. If you doubt whether it is ethical to buy case study online, we assure you that successful students use this opportunity to learn and enhance their writing skills. As such, getting the case study paper completed by the skilled and experienced case study writer, you will be able to improve your knowledge about the structure, content, and formatting of such a paper. So, if you have no idea of how to write a case study/analysis forget about the doubts and hesitations and invest in your future now ordering our case study writing services!

Education Topics

  1. Present a SWOT analysis of the student autonomy;
  2. The role of social media networks in education;
  3. Evaluate the importance of the kindergarten programs in Norway;
  4. Analyze the self-motivated strategies aimed at the growth of creativity among the students;
  5. Evaluate the techniques of classroom observation and their role in the teaching process;
  6. Teacher-centered and student-centered approaches: benefits and shortcomings;

Economics Topics

  1. Discuss the impact of Sharia law on the banking system in the Arab countries;
  2. Analyze the way to the success of Lufthansa;
  3. Discuss the relation between oil prices and financial crises;
  4. Indicate the first steps of founding a start-up company;
  5. Discuss the collaboration strategies of international monetary banks;
  6. Analyze the retailer market expansion in China.

Marketing Topics

  1. Discuss the Heineken strategies in the marketing field;
  2. Critically evaluate the Nike Company advertising strategy in terms of racism and discrimination;
  3. Discuss the key peculiarities of the struggle between the Apple and Samsung companies;
  4. Critically evaluate the strategy of Starbucks in dealing with the customers;
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